There is a whole different pleasure in touring a foreign land, in a Ferrari, SUV or even Lamborghini. Think how well, it will look on all social media. Sounds thrilling?
In this article, we are going to explore the options of luxury rent a car dubai. It is obvious, that for driving a car needs license. Certain countries like Greece, South Korea, Canada, needs to translate their documents in Arabic for better understanding. But if you belong to countries like India, Rome, Indonesia then you need to have an international driving license issued by their respective countries.

The luxury car rentals in Dubai, include security deposit, before handing over the keys of Ferrari or any other luxury or sports car in hand. This way if the car meets an unfortunate fate, then the rental is taken off. But if not, then the security deposit is returned within 15-30 days. This is a precautionary method on their behalf. Let’s see some precautionary methods from our own end.
1. Before renting Ferrari in Dubai, the dealers will hold credit card authorization. This ensures that the owner have enough funds to afford. Well, getting a useful major company credit card may even cover the damages done to a rental car, some not everything.
2. While renting, check for fuel policy which says that fuel should be full before retuning. It is to understand the charges deducted from the credit card and if there is a way to save some.
3. Look for long term car deals, if you plan for long trips. If you go for long trips with the short-trip deals then the car dealers can charge extra.
4. Check the exterior and interior of the car before taking off.