5 Most Important Features of iPhone 8

This year seems to be the most important year of smartphones as well have seen several good smartphone are announced this year and many other are due for release before the end of this year. Among the all, iPhone 8 is the most rumored and discussed smartphone.

According to the rumors, iPhone 8 will have several outstanding features but the 5 features that I’m going to talks about here is the most important.

The iPhone 8 is due for release this September along with siblings- iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus that will be announced along with iPhone 8 as well. So this year would be special because of two reasons, one being its 10th anniversary of iPhone and the second one is, we will see three different iPhone being released this year.

However, we can take it otherwise, the company is celebrating 10th anniversary and want to make this year’s release a special year by lunching three different models- iPhone 8, iPhone 7S & iPhone 7S plus.

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While the iPhone 8 that may also be called iPhone X or the iPhone premium according to various websites is getting complete new design and latest features, the iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S plus as usual would be upgraded ones of their predecessors.iPhone 8

5 most important features  of iPhone 8

The recent release of Samsung flagship Galaxy S8 and S8+ put a great pressure on the company as both the android smartphones are so powerful that it can beat any smartphone int he world. With curved edges design called “Infinity Design” the phones are offering bigger space on the screen while the over all size of the phone is not that big.

The removal of bazels from the top and home button from the bottom in both Galaxy S8 and S8+ allowing people to re-size two different applications on the screen because of availability of larger space. For example you can click a photograph while you playing a video song on Youtube. Isn’t it cool?

Let’s take a look at the features of iPhone 8 as well.

OLED Display –

The most important feature or I can say “Change” of iPhone 8 is design overhaul. The iPhone 8 will have 5.8-inch bigger OLED display screen and curved edge-to-edge display design. The OLED display in 5.8-inch iPhone 8 wouldn’t be needing backlighting as LCD screen and help the company to reduce the thickness further.

Moreover, it offers better contrast, shows real colors and contributes to better efficiency of the battery. With the use of OLED screen for iPhone 8, the company can improve the battery life and resolve battery drainage problem to much extent. The Apple company has already given Samsung order to supply OLED screen for the 2017 iPhone.

However, its only the iPhone 8 that is rumored to get OLED screen, the rest of two models will still feature the LCD touch screen. The cost of OLED screen is higher than LCD screen, we the customer might have to pay bit higher price to get iPhone 8.

According to the rumors at DailyMail, the use of OLED screen and 3D sensing technology would make the iPhone 8 costlier than any smartphone till date. The price may go well above $1000 mark which is the highest company have ever priced iPhone before.

No HOME button

The other important feature or the change that iPhone 8 will have is removal of HOME button. The technology is changing faster and the behavior of the users changing too. Nowday, the customers need bigger space on the phone while they till able to operate the phone with a single hand.

The removal of Home button and the bazels from the top would certainly offer good space on the screen. However, it will be in-built on the screen itself. The company can’t completely eliminate HOME button because of several reasons, one being, it controls most of the functions on the iPhone!

It is a mystery if the other two siblings, iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus would or wouldn’t have this traditional Home Button.

IP 68 Water Resistant

The last years iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 were water resistant but to a different standard. We generally hear the word “Water Resistant” but don’t go much into details. The iPhone 8 would be IP 68 standard water resistant unlike iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. These two last year’s iPhone were able to resist water as per IP67 rating.

The iPhone IP 68 rating is one step ahead of IP 67 in terms of saving your iPhone from water. According to this standards, the iPhone 8 would be able to resist 1.5 meter water upto 30 minutes giving your phone better protection.

Latest iOS 11 Operating System

The iPhone whenever launched, it comes with latest configurations such as latest operating system, latest network technology, processor etc. According to various rumors, iPhone 8 would be working on its latest versions of Operating System -iOS 11.

Though its just a rumors but since the new iPhone 8 is seems to have so much good features, I’m sure it would work with latest operating system as well. Apple’s iOS 11 is not yet released but it will be well before the launch of iPhone 8 in September.

The operating system will have top level security feature to make financial transaction without any problem and will improve the battery efficiency as well.

Wireless Charging

The rumors suggested the iPhone 8 will have wireless charging feature that will charge the iPhone 8 from a long distance but the current rumors reveals that iPhone 8 might get inductive-style charging. Moreover the Phone 8 would have feature of fast charging as well just like Macbook Pro as well.

If the rumors come out to be true, the customers would never have to worry about battery life problem. Today the smartphone aren’t used just to make/receive calls, its more like a computer and used for several other tasks such as checking mails, voice calls over instant messaging apps etc that consume battery heavily.

USB Port-C connector

There has been lots of debate going on whether the company would ditch lightning connector for USB port-C connector or not. Earlier the rumors surfacing at various news site suggested that the company would ditch lightning connector for USB Port- C connector but later the it changed. According to latest updates, the Apple company will continue to include lightning connector for iPhone 8.