iPhone 8 might release with Dual Sim card slots

The important thing which is missing in iPhone is Dual SIM card slots. Almost all other companies are building dual sim smartphone and this is the only feature that Apple lacks in its iPhone but the latest rumors suggest that iPhone 8 might get dual sim card slots. If this rumor is true, I’ll immediately go and grab iPhone 8 (If I’m among those lucky people).

The people have been waiting for the company to announce Dual Sim iPhone as today most of the people two different numbers because of several reasons.

The reason could be anything, for example one mobile carrier offering good plan for making international calls and the other one offering good data plan.

Apple is the only company which isn’t making dual sim iPhone however the rivals like Samsung, HTC, Huawei, OnePlus etc are making all dual sim phones since long back.

The one possible reason why Apple doesn’t make dual sim iPhone because having dual sim capability might affect the call quality and for Apple quality is the first priority.

However, According to Forbes, we might finally see Dual sim iPhone and the feature would be incorporated with upcoming iPhone 8 !

Earlier the company incorporated lots of great features in iPhone 7 such as, it was water resistant and have dual lens camera (iPhone 7 Plus).

iphone 8 dual sim iphone

The iPhone 8 dual Sim feature would be a great news for the businessman or Store owners who always keep two separate phones for two different numbers. If this rumor comes out to be true, they will use two different number with a single iPhone 8 !

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According to BGR, Apple iPhone 8 might be the first iPhone to feature Dual Sim capability or MORE. BGR says Apple is the only company that doesn’t make dual sim phone but as the demand from the customers about dual sim iPhone growing, the company might incorporate this feature with upcoming iPhone 8.

Apple iPhone 8 release date is scheduled in the month of September again and we are hoping to see several great features in it. Among the most discussed/rumored features of iPhone 8, the edge-to-edge OLED Display, 3D Sensor technology, Wireless charging, Face detection technology, Bigger Battery life and quick charging are the main attraction of iPhone 8 !

Although the release date of iPhone 8 is most probably in September but according to the news published at renowned websites, it could delayed to a month or two. It is because the supplier of OLED display isn’t able to supply as much units as the company ordered and get within the given time frame.

However, the other rumors suggest, it could be released in the month of September only and there is no delay as such. The iPhone 8 is most probably going to announce with other two iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus in an event held generally in the month of September.

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One thing that worries people is the cost of iPhone 8. Accordingly to earlier rumors, the cost of iPhone 8 might get as high as $1200 for the top model in the United States because the cost of OLED Screen is relatively higher than the one company have used in its previously released iPhone.

But the latest news again suggest the price of iPhone 8 will be fixed within $1000. The customer might have to spend $950 for 64 GB (or 128 GB if company skips 64 GB variant) iPhone 8 in the United States.