iPhone 8 rumored Features [ LATEST ]

We aren’t too far from the launch of iPhone 8 as it is being said that it will be launched in the event which generally takes place in September each year.

Apple company choses to announce its new iPhone and other products such as iPad, iMac, iWatch etc during this event and makes it available for the customer to purchase soon after the release.

This time again, the company seems to have planned September event and the iPhone 8 could be announced in the auditorium fully packed with journalists and gadget lovers along with two other giants iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus.

Among the most discussed gadgets on the internet, it looks like Apple’s iPhone 8 is one that created great buzz and that is why we see new rumor pops up daily about different things, be it iPhone 8 release date, price, specification or probable features that this massive giant going to have.

iPhone 8
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iPhone 8 rumored Features

So here in this article, I’ll be listing down all the rumored features of iPhone 8 (based on latest rumors) so that you could have idea how iPhone 8 might look like and what all feature you might see.

Some features such as OLED edge-to-edge display, 3D sensor, dual-lens camera are being discussed since launch of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7Plus last year however new ones are being predicted daily as move closer to the release date.

iPhone 8 Features at Glance:

  • OLED edge-to-edge display
  • Bazel-less Design & Glass Body
  • 3D scanner
  • No Physical home Button
  • Dual Battery
  • Dual SIM card slots
  • Wireless charging
  • Fast Charging
  • Vertical Dual Lens Camera

OLED Edge-to-edge Display –

This is an amazing feature of iPhone 8 and widely discussed too. The rumors reveal that Apple has ordered supply of OLED displays which is going to be used for iPhone 8 !

However, we have heard about the delay in supply of OLED display from the supplier that could result in launch of iPhone 8 being delayed to a few months as well.

According to the rumors, Samsung is a supplier of OLED display for iPhone 8 and the company have ordered 80 million display that it needs to get delivered well before the launch of iPhone 8 so that Apple could get decent amount of iPhone 8 units ready to be sold on the festive season.

Bazel-less Design & Glass Body

The company seems to get back to Glass body which it discontinued after the launch of 4S. Yes, iPhone 8 might get Glass body. Along with a Glass Body, it is going to have Bazel-less design that will give you more space on the screen.

Moreover, the width of iPhone 8 could be slightly reduced to make one-handed operation convenient. Samsung made such design change in Galaxy S8 and S8+ and it looks good.

3D scanner-

The people are becoming lazier day by day or I should say the technology is making people lazy by automating the tasks. 3D scanning technology will be used to detect the face of the user and it will unlock your iPhone 8 without having you to type a password or make pattern.

If this feature makes debut, you will just need to hold iPhone infront of your face and it will get unlocked.

Home Button – Yes ? No ? May Be?

The traditional Home button is already disappeared from the current model but this was the feature that the customers always liked. They liked to press physical home button and get the feeling of button being pressed.

Well, yet again (or you never gonna get it back), iPhone 8 will be lacking traditional HOME button but it will be inbuilt on the screen as the function of HOME button is very important and it can not be completely eliminated. The removal of HOME button and bazel-less design will offer bigger space on the screen.

Dual battery?

If this rumor turn out to be true, the problem of your iPhone running out of battery will be resolved to much extent. Not much discussed but there is some speculations going on about the iPhone 8 daul battery feature.

However, the designs that analysts have shared on some of the well known blogs don’t at all show “case” to put two batteries. So the chances of dual battery in iPhone 8 is pretty less.

Dual SIM card slots?

I think it became important for the company to make dual sim iPhone because every other X Y Zee company is making dual SIM Phone.

This is the only feature that iPhone lacks and put it on back foot as compared to rival smartphones.

The businessmen or even the college students use two different numbers nowdays for different purposes (some mobile carriers have low call rate but high data charges and vice versa. With two number the people have choice to chose carrier that offer good call rate and other carrier for DATA plan if its better), hence it becomes important to have dual sim iPhone. See more detail HERE.

Wireless Charging

iPhone 8 also seems to have wireless charging feature too. You need not to use that long chord to charge your iPhone that sometime cause your iPhone slips off your hand (it happened to me atleast). However, it will be inductive style charging as the rumors suggest.

Fast Charging

I am tired to keep my Phone plugged in for hours to get charged. This is a concern for many others not just me. If the fast charging feature is incorporated in iPhone 8, It will be one of the best feature for ME (and many others). In this case, your iPhone 8 would get charged in matter of few minutes. Amazing hey !

Vertical Dual-lens camera

The dual-lens camera feature credit goes to APPLE that everyone else is copying now ! Apple is the company which introduced dual-lens camera in iPhone 7 Plus for the first time last year and almost all the phones which are released after iPhone 7 Plus have dual-lens camera !

The iPhone 7 Plus comes with horizontal dual-lens camera but the company may tweak it further this time. The rumors and the probable designs of iPhone 8 that have been circulated on the internet show Vertical dual-lens (instead of horizontal) camera with flash light adjacent to it. It is also being said that the camera’s optical zoom can be further increased to 4x as compared to 2x in iPhone 7 Plus !

WaterProof iPhone 8

The company will go one step ahead to protect your iPhone from water and dust. The current models iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are water proof’ed according to IP67 standards but new iPhone 8 would be a water proof and dust resistant iPhone as per IP68 Standards. Means you can be more careless about your iPhone 8, wink ( kidding).

Is iPhone 8 going to make debut in 2017?

Interesting, although everyone is talking about iPhone 8 but I personally feel it might not make debut this year because of the reasons.

One, we haven’t seen the company releasing three different models of iPhone in a single event. Second, it might dilute the sales of three different models which if launched separately may result is more revenue per model.

Again, in case iPhone 8 makes debut this year along with iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus, the company wouldn’t be keeping up with trend of launching two iPhone together (“Numbered” and “PLUS” version). If we look at the last few models, they are released in pairs, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

In this case, we should also see iPhone 8 Plus too !

So, is the company going to launch four different models? I don’t think its a wise decision.

However, It looks pretty obvious and goes with the trend that we will have iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus being launched in September event. Hence it looks bit skeptical that iPhone 8 will make debut with iPhone 7S and iPhone 7s Plus.

But this is our analysis and anticipation, what all models we are going to see remains with the announcement day.

Expected cost of iPhone 8

This is the most debatable point as the rumors about the cost of iPhone 8 is changing every day !. First it was said, iPhone 8 will be priced normally, then it was being predicted, it will cross $1000 mark and then again back to normal pricing.

Now yet again according to latest rumors (CNBC as on Jul, 10), the Blogger Gruber and even Gold Sachs predict the price of iPhone 8 would be higher than $1000. Gruber predicts that the cost of iPhone 8 64 GB model can $1199 or even $1299. It may go upto $1399 for 256 GB model in the United States.

However, these are all rumors and we must take them with grain of salt. We should wait for September event to know the actual situation.