iPhone 8 Vs iPhone 7S Vs iPhone 7S Plus

iPhone 8 Vs iPhone 7S Vs iPhone 7S Plus

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Feature iPhone 8 iPhone 7S  iPhone 7S Plus
Screen Size 5.8-inches 4.7 or 5.2-inches 5.5-inches
Operating system iOS 10/11 iOS10/11 iOS10/11
Camera Vertical Dual lens primary camera Single Lens primary camera Horizontal dual lens camera
Display Edge-to-edge OLED LCD Screen LCD Screen
Chip A10 fusion or A11 A10 fusion A10 fusion
Battery 3,500 mAh 2,100 mAh 2,700 mAh
Price Between $850-$1399 Between $800-$900 Between $800-$1000
Release date September 2017 September 2017 September 2017

We are getting closer to the release of iPhone 8, iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus and rumors are getting stronger about the design, specification, release date, features of these three giant iPhone. According to the rumors, all three iPhone are suppose to be releasing in the month of September along with latest Macbook, iWatch etc.

While the iPhone 8 have created a huge buzz in the market the siblings iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus are not behind. There is lots of leaks and speculations circulating all over the internet.

The analysts believe that both “S” models are super advanced and are elegantly designed to give a premium look in customers hand. There have been lots of leaks which gives us idea how iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S plus will look like and trust me, leaks show, they are beautiful. iPhone 8 Vs iPhone 7S Vs iPhone 7S Plus


We have seen several design leaks of iPhone 8 as well which give us idea that iPhone 8 will have Edge-to Edge OLED display. It will have bazel-less design and slightly reduced in width for smoother single handed operation. However, the iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S plus both will be having LCD touch screen and almost same dimensions as their predecessors.

The company wanted to upgrade both iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus with OLED touchscreen as well but the supply of OLED screen is short for iPhone 8 itself.

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As far as the size is concern, iPhone 7S will be the smallest and iPhone 8 will be the biggest. The speculations indicate iPhone 7S will be 4.7-inches in size, iPhone 7S Plus 5.5-inches and iPhone 8 can be as big as 5.8-inches.

Operating System

All three iPhone said to be working with the latest version of iOS operating system i.e. iOS 11 which the company may announce before the launch however there is great chances, they run iOS 10 as well as we are very close to announcement of these iPhone but there is no sign of iOS 11 release. Though there is not much info about the processor, but the phone will be supplied with A10, A10 fusion and A11 chipset.


As far as the camera is concern, iPhone 7S will be having single lens camera as its predecessor however the iPhone 7S Plus camera will be a dual lens camera again.

While iPhone 7S Plus will have horizontally arranged dual lens camera, iPhone 8 will be having vertically arranged dual lens camera with features like autofocus, smile detection, face detection, Optical Image Stablisation etc.

There will be significant improvement in megapixel counts of iPhone 7S camera over its predecessor, so as iPhone 7S Plus. All the three iPhone will be water and dust proof as per IP68 standards and come in 32 GB, 128 GB and 256 GB models.


One of the important thing of a smartphone is Battery. The rumors suggest iPhone 7S will have 2100 mAh, iPhone 7S Plus 2900 mAh and the iPhone 8 will have massive 3,400 mAh power battery. In all three iPhone, it will be a Li-ion battery which is non removable.

iPhone 8 rumored to have dual battery to address low battery problem but it seems its not coming out true because the design leaks show no place for dual battery. Apart from that iPhone 8 will have Fast charging and wireless charging feature, though the “S” version might miss these features.


Coming to the pricing of these three iPhone, there is huge debate going on. While iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus could cost you between $800 to $900 for 32 GB model in the USA, the cost of the basic 32 GB iPhone 8 can cross $1000 Mark. The cost of 256 GB iPhone 8 model can go upto $1399 according to the rumors.

The higher price of iPhone 8 is said to be because of edge-to-edge OLED display. The OLED display will contribute towards improving efficiency of iPhone 8 battery.