iPhone 9 Release Date, Price, Specs and Features

If you are looking for iPhone 9 release Date, Price, Specification, features and other rumors, bookmark this post as it will be a stand alone article dedicated to iPhone 9 which is going to be released in 2018. We will keep this article updated with latest news and rumors so that the readers could know every bit of iPhone 9.

It goes without saying that Apple’s products are most advanced and sophisticated in the world. Every new model of iPhone works on the latest technology and have interesting feature that you would hardly find in any other comparable smartphone.

The rumors about iPhone 9 release date started to float on the internet well before the launch of iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus (and iPhone X). Earlier it was being predicted that in 2017, the company will launch upgraded versions of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus along with special iPhone 8 !

But it couldn’t happen and company decided to ditch iPhone 7S & iPhone 7S Plus models and announced iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus & all new iPhone X.  The iPhone X is one of the most advanced smartphone available in today’s market.iPhone 9 release date

Will it be iPhone 9 or iPhone 11?

The company shocked analysts by skipping iPhone 7S /iPhone 7S Plus and announcing iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X. It is because of that fact that the company should have come up with the upgraded model of iPhone 7 & 7 Plus not full numbered iPhone 8.

The trend has been continuing over the last several years that whenever Apple announces full digit iPhone, next year the upgraded versions that are generally addressed “S” moniker are launched. But the company came up with iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus with all new iPhone X !

So the iPhone X which is considered to be iPhone 10 (X is roman equivalent of 10) is already launched and we might see iPhone 11 in 2018 instead of iPhone 9 according to some rumors!

The things have become confusing this time and if iPhone X (iPhone 10) is already announced mean the company have skipped iPhone 9 as well and what we will see in 2018 could be the iPhone 11.

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However, the rumors also suggests that iPhone X is the first version of X series and from now onward we might iPhone X1, X2, X3.. etc are being announced in the coming year.

Although every analysts and websites are predicting differently yet, there is great chances the 2018 year’s iPhone will be called iPhone 9. So we will stick to that  only.

iPhone 9 Release date

If you have gone through our previous post, you must have noticed the release pattern as to when the company generally announces the new iPhone each year. The below table shows when different version of iPhone launched over the last 10 years.

iPhone Release date
1st iPhone June 2007
iPhone 3G July 2008
iPhone 3G S June 2009
iPhone 4 June 2010
iPhone 4S October 2011
iPhone 5 September 2012
iPhone 5S/ 5C September 2013
iPhone 6 & 6 Plus September 2014
iPhone 6S & 6S Plus September 2015
iPhone 7 & 7 Plus September 2016
iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus & iPhone X September 2017
iPhone 9 & iPhone 9 Plus September 2018

The trend if we look at last few years is pretty much same. Since iPhone 5, all new iPhone are launched in the month of September each year which gives us a solid hint that iPhone 9 will be announced during the same month yet again along with sibling iPhone 9 Plus. The company may come up with iPhone X1 as well next year along with iPhone 9 !

The September month is the best time for the company to announce new iPhone as once the new iPhone is announced, it goes on sale after few weeks and by then the festive season gets started. The company reports the highest number of sale during this festival season each year.

iPhone 9 Specs and Features

Whatever the new iPhone be called, iPhone 9 or the iPhone 11, it is going to be yet another great smartphone from Cuppertino, California based tech giant. If we talk about the performance of its predecessor iPhone 8, it out-performs smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S8, Note 8 and many other.

We are going to see one of the most powerful smartphone of the year 2018 if the rumors are true. Let go ahead and see what rumors suggest about expected specification and features of iPhone 9.

Display /Design-

If we talk about iPhone 9 display, its could be as within 4.7-inches – 5.2-inches. However since its going to have a bazel-less design just like iPhone X, the screen available for the customers would be much bigger than its predecessor iPhone 8.

Also the iPhone 9 will most likely to get edge-to-edge OLED display with 1125 x 2436 pixels resolutions and 460 ppi pixel density. Since the bazels are removed, there will no home button (even virtual one).

Operating system – iOS 12

The iPhone 9 will work with the latest version of operating system that will be announced before the release of iPhone 9 in 2018. There is great chances that iPhone 9 runs iOS12 that can be announced during the event which generally takes places in June. The rumors suggest that iOS 12 will improve the performance of the iPhone 9 as well as the battery life.


Camera is one of the most important feature of today’s smartphone. Let it be android smartphone or iPhone, the customers pay close attention to the camera.

When it comes to Apple’s iPhone, not just the camera, rest of the features and specifications you get with it is always much better than the competitors. If we talk about the camera of iPhone 9 particularly, it is going to get 15 megapixels primary camera with features like Autofocus, Face detection, Geo-tagging, Flash etc and 8 megapixels self shooter.

The primary dual lens camera will have better optical zoom that will help you take clear photographs of the object far away you. The primary camera would be able to record 4k videos – 2160 p @ 30/60 fps. The front facing camera will be able to record 1080p video at 30fps.


We have tested iPhone with comparable smartphone (iPhone with 2GB RAM and other smartphone with 4GB RAM) and it was found that iPhone outperforms that smartphone when it comes to processing. The iPhone is much faster than other comparable smartphone available.

The iPhone 9 rumored to get 3GB RAM (4GB for iPhone 9 Plus), 1 GB more than its predecessor iPhone 8. It will be available in two different variants – 64 GB and 256 GB internal storage capacity. There will be no 32 GB or 128 GB model just like its predecessors.

CPU/ Processor

CPU is one of the most important aspect of computing devices. Smartphone are kind of computing device with hardware like processor, RAM etc. Faster is the processor, faster is the processing speed. The iPhone 9 will have Hexa-core processor with A12 Bionic chipset that together with 3GB RAM make iPhone 9 the fastest phone of the year 2018.


The another important aspect of a smartphone is the battery. The phones aren’t being used just to make calls today, they are used to do many tasks such as checking emails, instant messaging, weather live updates etc and it consumes heavy battery.

The company always work hard to improve the battery with every new model and we saw great example of this experiment. The predecessors iPhone 8 can be charged to 50% just in 30 mins ! This fast charging feature is savior for the people who always complain about battery drainage problem. The iPhone 9 could get massive 3,000 mAh battery that can be fully charged with few minutes.

iPhone 9 Features –

Long distance charging

If we talk about the special features of iPhone 9, the most important one is fast & long distance wireless charging. The iPhone 9 might get charged wirelessly from a longer distance than its predecessor.

IP68 Water proofing

Earlier it was rumored that iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus would be water and dust resistant as per IP68 rating but it didn’t’ happen. All three models, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X are water & dust resistant as per IP 67 rating.

It is again rumored that new iPhone 9 will be water and dust resistant as per IP68 rating which means you can save your iPhone upto 1.5 meter water and 30 mins.

Dual Sim Card-

The other rumor that has been surfacing on the internet for a long time is Dual Sim Card slots feature. iPhone 9 may get dual sim card slots for using two different numbers on iPhone 9. The company have been making single sim phones so far and if that happens, iPhone 9 will be the first iPhone with dual sim card slots.

Dual Battery?

There is a possibility that company consider dual battery for iPhone to address battery drainage problem. if that is the case, the company might need to design iPhone 9 accordingly to accommodate two batteries.

iPhone 9 price

As far as the pricing of iPhone 9 is concern, it should be between the price range of $800-$900 in the US because of the features like OLED display, Faster charging, improved battery and other specification. The price of iPhone 9 may vary in other countries as per the their local commercial laws .