iPhone X

iPhone X (or iPhone 8) might price higher| release date in September

While some rumors indicate the new iPhone will be named iPhone 8, some other believe, to mark the 10th anniversary of iPhone, the company may call it iPhone X. If its so, we will see all new named iPhone this year. This new iPhone will pack several interesting feature and greatly improved hardware that you might not have noticed with any predecessor so far.

iPhone X price

According to latest rumors that Yahoo talks about is that new iPhone X may price more than $1000, almost equivalent to the price of MacBook pro.

However, although costly, iPhone X will have several great features and robust hardware that add up to cost more than $1000. The price may be decided between range of $1000-$1200.

There are several reasons why iPhone X might cost more than $1000 and the use of OLED screen, more efficient battery, wireless charging, edge-to-edge display, latest processor and upgraded RAM, better dual-camera justify the price that the company might set for its upcoming smartphone.

iPhone XiPhone X OLED Screen

One of the reasons why iPhone X might cost more than $1000 is the use of expensive OLED screen (organic light emitting diode) as Mr. Matte – an Analyst told fox news.

Such kind of screens are expensive to be made that will add up to the overall cost of iPhone X. The OLED screen would allow Apple to incorporate curved design as we seen with Samsung flagship smartphone Galaxy S7 edge, for its upcoming smartphone.

However, it is rumored that there will be three different models of iPhone this year. Two of them will feature LCD screen as we saw with iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus but the other one, probably iPhone X will use OLED screen and be costlier than other two.

According to the latest news at Bloomberg, the company is in discussion with Chinese manufacturer BOB for the production of flexible OLED display for upcoming iPhone.

Though the tech blog 9to5 believes the Chinese manufacturer might miss this year’s iPhone and contribute from next year onward.

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iPhone X Concept

Take a look at this concept design video from conceptsiPhone

iPhone X Edge-to-Edge Display

The new iPhone might feature edge-to-edge display as we see with Samsung Galaxy S7 edge that will help the iPhone X designers to remove bezels from top as well from the bottom.

Having an edge-to-edge display and elimination of bezels will help in removal of traditional HOME button from upcoming iPhone and make available larger space on the screen while restricting to the size. The camera and the speakers will be in-built in the display itself.

iPhone X Power packed Battery

This news from Forbes reveals that iPhone X will sport the most powerful battery till date. The KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chu Kou whose predictions came out to be true many times believes that iPhone X will sport 2,700 mAh power battery which the company will adjust in space that they free up by the use of a new logic board inside the phone.

This will a substantial jump in battery power of iPhone X over iPhone 7 which was released last year with a 1,960 mAh power battery. iPhone 7 Plus sports 2,900 mAh battery though.

iPhone X release date

There is a pattern or I must say release cycle that the California based techie follows for the release of every new iPhone. The iPhone releases in the month of September (since last 5 occasions) every year and the trend can be continued this year too for iPhone X.

Based on last years release of iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, I predict iPhone X release date should be September 7, 2017. Though there is no official news or authentic source which claims the exact release date of iPhone X.