Top 5 competitors of iPhone 8 (iPhone X)

The 10th year’s iPhone will either be called iPhone 8 or iPhone X is still a mystery but whatever it will be called, I’m sure it will have ultimate design, jaw dropping specifications and features (based on rumors circulating on the internet). This year seems to be a golden year for phones as we have seen some really good ones are released already and more be releasing in coming months that may become the direct or indirect competitor of iPhone 8. Though the customers of iPhone are highly loyal towards the company and wouldn’t switch to other smartphone easily.

While the rumors about iPhone 8 are piling up, the close competitor Samsung released two really good smartphone in March however the companies like HTC, OnePlus, Google, Nokia, Xiaomi are geared to announce their phones in next few months as well. Samsung is all set to release another great Phone in the coming months.

Top 5 competitors of iPhone 8

The latest rumors reveal that iPhone 8 (or iPhone X) will be releasing in September, around the same time as predecessors with two other models iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus. The iPhone 7S & iPhone 7S Plus could be the competitors of iPhone 8 too apart from the ones I’m going to talk about below.

Samsung Galaxy S8/ S8+ (Released in March 2017)

The South Korea giant announced its highly anticipated Galaxy S8/S8+ in the last week of March this year that feature really good hardware and design. Galaxy S8 and S8+ look good in your hand and have designed so cool that you will not face any problem while operating with single hand.

Its infinity design with 5.8-inches super AMOLED capacitive touch screen protected by Cornings Gorilla glass 5, latest android version, powerful CPU & snapdragon 835 chip, massive 4 GB RAM makes it one of the fastest smartphone. The 12 & 8 megapixel cameras with features like flash LED, auto face detection, OIS technology allows you to click great photographs.


With such great specifications and features, Galaxy S8 is a close competitor of upcoming legendary iPhone 8 ! The Galaxy S8 have 3,000 mAh power battery and comes in five cool colors.

The most awaited Galaxy S8 was suppose to be released weeks before the actual release date but it was delayed a bit and finally announced in March 2017 along with sibling Galaxy S8+ which is slightly bigger in size and have bigger battery.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Phone (to be released)

The other great smartphone from South Korea giant is lined up for release. According to the rumors, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 should be released in second half of the year, probably in August. The Galaxy Note 7 was a great failure for the company and with Note 8, the company will try to gain trust of the note series lovers. Galaxy Note 7 was bursting due to bad battery and called back.

The rumors indicate that Galaxy Note 8 will have massive 6.2-inches Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen and infinity design yet again as we saw in Galaxy S8/ S8+ released in March. Note 8 will sport 4k pixel resolution for the best picture quality. It also suppose to get 12 megaxpiel DUAL LENS primary camera with 3x optical zoom and 8 megapixel secondary camera for selfie.

Galaxy Note 8 PhoneTalking about the  the processor, it might get 3.00 Ghz + processor coupled with Snapdradon 835 chip and 6 GB RAM. It will run either Android Nougat or Android O operating system. As far as the battery is concern, Galaxy Note 8 can have 3,500 massive li-ion non removeable battery. With IRIS scanner, improved Bixby – personal assistant and the most loved Stylus pen, Galaxy Note 8 can be yet another great choice for the customers.

HTC Ocean/ HTC U

The company should have come up with HTC 11 but the new flagship smartphone wouldn’t be called HTC 11, it will be known as ether HTC ocean or HTC U instead. The rumors reveal that HTC new flagship smartphone will be released in coming month with features that might force you to buy it. HTC Ocean will have 5.5-inch Quad HD screen, powerful CPU supported by Qualcomm’s snapdraon 835 chip, 4 GB RAM, 12/16 megapixel primary / secondary camera and may run Android’s Nougat operating system.


The phone might come in two different variants having internal memory storage capacities of 64 GB and 128 GB with a flexibility to increase it further via microSD card.

OnePlus 5

OnePlus have impressed the whole world with fantastic smartphones it has released till now. Every new phone from OnePlus comes with robust hardware and massively upgraded specifications. The latest OnePlus 3T comes with specifications like 6 GB RAM, Snapdradon 821 chip, 16 megapixels primary camera and whopping 3,400 mAh power battery.

According to naming of the smartphone that company have released so far, they should have come up with OnePlus 4 but the digit 4 is considered bad in Chinese culture hence the new smartphone will be called OnePlus 5 skipping digit 4.

OnePlus 5

The rumors point out that OnePlus 5 will have 5.8- inches display, 3.00 Ghz processor coupled with Snapdraon 835 chip, 8GB RAM and comes in two different variants of internal storage capacities of 64 GB and 128 GB further expandable with microSD card. The Phone may get 18 megapixel dual-lens primary camera and run Android’s Nougat operating system. The phone may be released in June/July this year.

Google Pixel 2

The tech giant announced Pixel and Pixel XL last year in October that come with latest operating system and number of feature that you will not see in any other android smartphone. The company is all set to release the next version of Google Pixel and it is expected to be released in October yet again this year.pixel 2

Google Pixel 2 will run the latest version of Android operating system (android is owned by Google itself), faster processor along with Snapdraon 835 chipset and 6GB RAM. The phone seems to be lacking 3.5 mm jack and have waterproof design. The rumors indicate that Google Pixel 2 will have stylish look, massive battery and QHD screen.

Final words

The competition in the market has increased due to the entry of various new companies in recent past. Apart from the one I’ve discussed above, we have Xiaomi, Huawei, Gionee, Nokia, Oppo coming up with super fast smartphone and that too at comparatively lower price.

However, Apple is the best smartphone maker in the world that every time come up with a great iPhone and surprise the whole world. The current iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus (and iPhone 7 PRODUCT RED special edition) are the best phone options available in the market.