There are some elements you want to take into consideration when choosing a heat gun for epoxy resin. The first is the effectiveness of the gun. You require one which is effective adequate to heat in the epoxy swiftly and consistently. The second is the type of heat gun.

The two main sorts: by having an atmosphere great time and without having an air flow great time.

Air blast pistols are more powerful but will be a little more tough to manage. In case you are not utilized to making use of them, they can effortlessly result in overheating and ruining any project.

Firearms without an oxygen great time are easier to control but might not be as highly effective.

The third element is the size of the gun. You require one which is big sufficient to protect the full area you happen to be taking care of.

Ultimately, you should think about the buying price of the gun. You obtain everything you buy with heat firearms, so pick one that is certainly inexpensive yet still has each of the features you will need.

Here are the most effective heat weapons for epoxy resin out there right now:

1) The Master Home appliance Heat Gun

This hot glue gun is for pros who want a durable and reliable resource for job. It provides an air great time characteristic and comes along with about three different nozzles to help you change the temp properly. The hot glue gun even offers an extensive cord to help you move around freely when doing work. And it is affordably costed, which makes it an incredible choice for those on a budget.

2) The By-Temp Heat Gun

This heat gun is ideal for modest jobs or people who need preciseness control over their function. It has no air great time characteristic but comes with four various nozzles in order to modify the temp properly. Which is mobile, so that it is easy to take with you on the move.


When you use a heat gun for epoxy resin, make sure you retain the gun relocating constantly to prevent any eliminating or scorching.