If you are into designing, then you know that hot gluing is a great way to quickly and easily connect two types of surface with each other. It’s not simply simple to use but in addition versatile it can be used on many different materials such as pieces of paper, cloth, plastic-type material, wooden, steel, and more. In spite of this, it certainly helps once you learn how to hot glue properly hot glue two sections with each other. Here are some tips and suggestions to ensure your following craft task brings ideal effects.

Nice and clean Surfaces Are Important

You need to be sure your types of surface are thoroughly clean just before gluing them jointly. This will help ensure a safe and secure suit without any oxygen pockets or another defects from the finished item. To clean your areas, you just need some soap and water along with a delicate rag or material. Make sure to dry them thoroughly once carried out cleansing.

Use The Appropriate Fasten Put

Distinct assignments need various kinds of adhesive sticks for example, if you are seeking to adhesive wood pieces collectively it could be greatest to use a “wood glue” put while cloth demands something more specialized like an “all-goal material adhesive” put. It is best to check the packing of your glue sticks so that you receive the appropriate kind for the position available.

Ensure That Is Stays Lower Heat

It will be appealing to transform within the heating on your own hot glue gun but the process could cause more harm than good greater temperature ranges can cause burnt fingers (ouch!) and also harm some supplies including plastics and textiles due to their delicate the outdoors. Make it very low temp (around 300°F) anytime you can – this will provide you with enough ambiance for the majority of resources without working the danger of harming them.


Very hot gluing is an excellent way of quickly becoming a member of two surface areas together–but only if done properly! With these guidelines under consideration, we believe you’ll anticipate to take on any project from generating cards and decor in your house to even bigger making tasks with ease! Have fun producing!